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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Manipulating OA Footer

Manipulating OA footer region

How to render copyright information and privacy statement for custom page?

To render standard footer just Set the Auto Footer property in the pageLayout region to 'True'. This will render the Footer with default copyright information and privacy statement.

To render different privacy statement and copyright information
1. Set the Auto Footer property in the pageLayout region to 'False'
2. Right click pageLayout region and select New -> Copyright
3. Right click pageLayout region and select New -> Privacy

How to display "About this page" link?

Set FND: Diagnostics profile option to 'Yes'.
This profile option renders "About this Page" link at the botton left corner of the page and Diagnostics link at the top right corner of the page.

How to personalize page footer items such as Privacy Statement, copyright, standard footer?

This personalization is somewhat tricky because the navigation to this item is different from normal personalization.

Follow these steps to personalize the OA footer
1. Login in SSHR.
2. Select Personalize Page link at top right of page.
3. Select Choose context button.
4. In the scope drop down box select OA Footer.
5. Click on apply.
6. Expand all if its not already expanded.
7. Now you can see all the footer elements.
8. Click on personalize pencil icon and personalize the desired items.

How to display custom copyright infomation in the standard page?

You can edit the copyright information in sshr by updating fnd_new_messages table
select message_text from fnd_new_messages where message_name='JTF-COPYRIGHT';

Other way is just personalize the page and update the prompt in copyright item.

Article By:
Prasanna Jayaraman

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