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Thursday, March 12, 2015

ADF EL expressions reference

ADF EL expressions


Checking if the user has the role assigned


Conditionally setting in-line styles.
Eg: Changing background of the tree table rows based on a condition.

#{node.level ==1 ? 'background-color:#FFAD52' :  ( node.level == 2 ?  'background-color:#3173C4;color:white;' : 'background-color:#A5C6FF;'  )  }

Text Values:

EL expressions used along with text values
text="Score Card: (#{bindings.ScoreValue.inputValue})"

Passing Arguments in EL expression

Eg: this function get differrent values for outputtext based on the passed input values.


public String getDateLabel(Object from, Object to) {
        if (from == null && to != null) {
            return "TO:";
        } else if (from != null && to == null) {
            return "FROM:";
        return null;

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