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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

How to disable Auto-Recovery in BPEL


Auto-recovery is a feature in BPEL engine which automatically retries the failed BPEL processes every night and during server restart. This feature is introduced is 11g version of SOA suite and is available in 12c as well.

However it could be a headache in following scenarios
  • There are no business use cases or requirements for auto recovery.
  • Server gets overloaded when restarted during peak time causing it to fail or delay startup.
  • Not all the exceptions could be retired.

Steps to Disable Auto-Recovery

  • Go to em console (http://hostname:port/em)
  • Expand SOA > soa-infra on the left hand side Target Navigation
  • Right Click on soa-infra (WLS_SOA1) and select SOA Administration > BPEL properties
  • Click on More BPEL Configuration Properties...
  • Click on RecoveryConfig
  • Change following values to disable scheduled recovery
    • maxMessageRaiseSize = 0 
    • startWindowTime = 00:00 
    • stopWindowTime = 00:00
  • Change following values to disable startup recovery
    • maxMessageRaiseSize = 0
    • startupRecoveryDuration = 0
    • subsequentTriggerDelay = 0

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