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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oracle apps R12: Useful profile option

Some useful R12 Profile Options

Output/Log Viewer

This option makes the concurrent program output to be opened in the internet explorer rather than form window.

Profile Option Name: Viewer: Text      
User: Value: browser

About this page: link

It enabled the "About this Page" link at the bottom of any OAF page. This link helps to find more information about the OA Framework page.

Profile Option Name: FND: Diagnostics 
User: Value: Yes

Forms Diagnostics

To get Diagnostics menu in forms use the following profile option

Profile Option Name: Hide Diagnostics menu entry
User Value: No

Profile Option Name: Utilities:Diagnostics
User Value: Yes

Session Timeout

This one lets the user stay logged-in longer.

Profile Option Name: ICX: Session Timeout
User Value (in Minutes): 180 

ICX: Limit time

This profile option defines the maximum connection time for a connection – regardless of user activity.
If 'ICX:Session Timeout' is set to NULL, then the session will last only as long as 'ICX: Limit Time', regardless of user activity.

Profile Option Name: ICX: Limit time
User Value (in Hours): 4

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