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Friday, November 13, 2015

How to export MDS to a file from SOA Suite

What is MDS in SOA suite?

MDS or Metadata Services is a key infrastructure component in Fusion Middleware which allows for sharing common artifacts among the SOA components. Some of the examples inlcude wsdls, xsd, dvm(domain value maps), transformations, policies, config files etc.

And in SOA Suite, SOA composites are also stored in the MDS when deployed to the servers.

How to export a MDS from SOA suite?
  1. Go to em console
  2. Expand soa_domain and SOA on the left hand side tree
  3. Right click on the soa-infra > Administration > MDS Configuration

  4. Click on the Export button and save the zip file. This file should contain all the artifacts deployed on the SOA suite.
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