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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Refresh MDS in SOA Suite

How to refresh or reload MDS in SOA suite (11g/12c)?

MDS is the best way to store the common artifacts in SOA suite.The soa suite caches these artifacts in the memory when it is accessed for the first, oracle does it to improve performance of the MDS access.

But the problem here is when the MDS artifacts, like DVM and wsdls, are redeployed with changes, the cache won't get cleared automatically leaving stale values in the cache.

The cached mds objects are cleared when the server is restarted and it takes a lot of time to restart SOA servers.

Alternatively SOA suite provides an MBEAN which can be used to clear the cache after deploying the MDS changes. Here are the steps

Steps to clear MDS cache

  • Login in to Oracle Weblogic em console 
    • e.g.; http://localhost:7001/em
  • Expand the Weblogic domain > DefaultDomain from the left hand side navigation tree
  • Right click on the DefaultDomain and select System Mbean Browser
  • In the MBean Browser navigate to Application Define Mbeans -> oracle.mds.lcm > Server: DefaultServer > Application: soa-infra -> MDSAppRuntime > MDSAppRuntime Bean

  • And switch to Operations tab

  • Click on clearCache link and Invoke the method

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